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3 Questions to Ask before Hiring Solar Energy Companies in San Diego, CA

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Using solar power for your home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. However, since almost all companies look the same at first glance, shopping for home solar can prove incredibly overwhelming. So, how can you tell them apart and ensure you get the best system?

Well, ask these 3 simple questions before hiring solar energy companies:

Question #1: Do You Guarantee the System’s Performance and Efficiency?

Usually, solar energy companies offer you a production guarantee. However, the specifics do matter as well. So, ask the company whether or not they will pay you the difference if your system underperforms. This will ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste and that the system is optimized clearly to meet your energy demands.

Question #2: Who Designed This Solar System? Will Someone Double-Check Whether Or Not It Fits On My Roof?

Many solar energy companies will offer installation services as well when you purchase from them. But, this practice could result in the system being oversized or not meeting the local building codes of your area. It would be a good decision to ask WHO designed the system. Confirm it was someone who has the appropriate technical expertise and understand what is not or is possible to build. Also, have an expert double check the system after installation to ensure it fits on your roof perfectly.

Question #3: Which Type of Solar Equipment Will Work Best for My Roof?

Single inverter solar systems offer the best bang for the buck when it comes to small homes. However, your home may benefit more from other options provided by solar energy companies, like optimizers or microinverters. Optimizers have a simpler structure and can maximize production of each individual panel while microinverters have their own mini-inverters that produce power independently, reducing the risk of lack of sunlight affecting the production.

If you still can’t find the perfect solar system, you can consider hiring San Diego Energy Solutions, which offers the best solar panels with extended warranties to ensure they last a lifetime.

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