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4 Tips to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Your Home in San Diego, CA

Choosing the right solar panels for your home in San Diego

Getting solar panels for your home is a smart and responsible move. After all, harnessing the power of the sun will not only help eliminate nationwide dependence on non-renewable energy resources, but also reduce your electrical costs and carbon footprint considerably. However, choosing the right solar panel is a major decision, especially with so many different options available in the market.

So, how do you determine the most appropriate solar panel for your needs?

To help you out in your decision, here are four tips you will find useful:

1.     Get a Professional Inspection Done

An inspection of your roof by an expert will allow you to determine the extra weight it can support. Perhaps your roof can’t stand the weight of modular solar panels? A professional engineer will look at the trusses of your home and analyze a number of key aspects to give you an accurate, final answer. If it can’t, the most appropriate and economical solar option would be integrated thin film solar panels. They weigh just about as much as asphalt solar shingles.

2.     Search for the Most Appropriate Style

The solar panels you choose should blend in with your home’s design. Ideally, they should be mounted facing the south for the best results. If this side of your home is facing the street, the neighborhood organization or subdivision may exert veto power against panels that are industrial-looking or obtrusive. In this scenario, you are better off going with low-profile solar panels. While you can install panels on the ground, it’s more beneficial to have them on the roof.

3.     Optimal Electrical Output at a Fair Price

The solar panels for your home should deliver optimal electrical output at a fairly reasonable price. Keeping this in mind, the solar technologies used in most homes include amorphous silicon, crystalline silicon and multicrystalline silicon. The solar panel market has become more competitive in recent times and the prices change regularly depending on a number of factors, such as production or currency fluctuation.

4.     Hire an Solar Panel Installer

Lastly, you should consider hiring a solar panel installer to help you with mounting your solar panels. They will have the required equipment and knowledge to get the job done right, and within the discussed time. The solar panel installer will set up the power inverter, an electrical device designed to convert DC power (gathered from the solar panels) to standard AC power, and then wire it to your home’s electrical grid. Not to mention, they will also ensure your solar panels comply with local codes, allowing you to qualify for subsidies and tax rebates.

So, are you looking for the right solar panels for your home? Get in touch with San Diego Energy Solutions now and discuss your needs with our experts. We can help you choose the right one from our wide array of solar panel options!

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