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SDG&E Has Increased Your Electric Bill Rates by 10.6% With More Increases On The Way!

The utility recently released a statement explaining that they increased their rates by 10.6%.
According to SDG&E, a portion of this rate change went into effect on January 1, 2017 and rates will continue to rise in early 2017 to reach their 10.6% increase.

Additional SDG&E Rate Hikes Coming Soon!

SDG&E is transitioning from a 4 tier electric rate structure to a 2 tier program. This was sold to the public as a cost reduction for most SDG&E customers, but it included a decrease in the Tier One Baseline Allowance. This means that you will reach the higher tier charge rate sooner and inevitably pay even MORE for you electricity from SDG&E.

In addition, The California Public Utility Commission is currently hearing a request from SDG&E which would allow the utility to charge ratepayers $379 million dollars over the next six years to recover a portion of their costs for the 2007 wildfires.

If you sit back and accept what is happening, you will have more and more of your money taken from your wallet. But there is an alternative. You DO have a choice.

You can choose SOLAR!

With every increase SDG&E is just daring you to do something about it; and now is the time. As their rates go up, the cost of installing solar is going down. It is now more affordable than ever. With the right financing you can reduce you electricity costs by up to 50%!

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